Monday, February 6, 2012

180'ers harrass MD

Once again the Anti-choicers feel the need to try and intimidate medical personel to push their misogyny.

Show some support for the Medic, who now has to put up with a ton of these scumbags and their sycophants.

Want to know more?

Let's show that the religious scum isn't going to get away with it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's set the record straight ChristianNewswire!!

*Note: This is an Open letter to Audra Jennings in response to this article , showing where she is obviously sadly mistaken.

Dear Audra Jennings,

I have seen your article on Christian Newswire "Atheists Plan to Hack into New Holocaust Video", and I would like to point out that there are several innacuracies in it that needs to be rectified.

For one, we don't plan to. We already DID. Several weeks ago I might add.

Here's proof;

This is the youtube video I had released on Sept 2nd, revealing the so-called question that supposed to make a "180". Livings Waters publications, took offense to my spoiler and had youtube shut me down, regardless of a simple concept that you as a journalist must have heard of, called "fair use".

You can read more about the matter if you follow these URLS, which lead to my blog, "OPERATION 360". (Ray tries to save face on his own blog. Quite funny).

In retaliation to such disregard to freedom of speech, I sought to teach Mr.Comfort a dire lesson in not only respect, but also in the concept that he cannot intimidate his opposition with threats. I posted the FULL AND UNALTERED version of 180 to a Russian video sharing site (They are outside the jurisdiction of the United States).

Here it is;

This is the FULL 180 movie, which I posted up on Sept 7th 2011, several weeks before Ray Comfort released his own. We also posted links to it on twitter and facebook, on their own pages and trends, and got over 1600 hits. Still I guess Mr.Comfort and friends didn't want to save "babies" before the 26th, since they threatened me again;

Of course, I told the LWP employee to shove it where the sun won't be burning him, and called out Ray Comfort on this;

So there you have it Ms.Jennings, Those are the facts. 180 may be out but we knew about what it was, not due to a hack, but more to the sheer incompetence of Living Waters Publication Staff.

I thank you for your time.


P.S A copy of this letter will be posted on my blog and the link will be tweeted in the #180movie thread on twitter.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My video was restored on youtube.

I'd like to thank the people responsible at youtube for restoring my "180 spoiler" video at

As for those at Living Waters Publications who did this claim, while not understanding the concept of fair use, two words: NICE TRY!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

If a QR-CODE brought you here...

If you're reading this, it is because you scanned a QR Code that enabled you to come here and because you are dealing with some Fundamentalist who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes on the subject of abortion.

The following is information that will show you that these people are misinformed about the matter and will arm you with the knowledge you require to expose, debunk and inform others about the facts.


Carnegie Stages of Human fetal developement



Abortions: Facts about the medical procedure.

Fetal abnormalities

Real statistics of abortions.

Abortion pictures are FAKE!!

Post-abortion syndrome is a lie (Report from the APA)


Open Directory list

If you have more sites to share, post them in the comments!!

Follow us on twitter!! #operation_360


Operation 360 REVISED.

Tommorow on the 26th Ray Comfort and his minions will be polluting 115 universities in the US with the antichoice propaganda movie "180".

The logical fallacies will flow like a river, and lies and misinformation will abound.

So I have produced here is a list of sites that will counter said misinformation. And to help you spread the word, I will give you again the QR CODES that will turn every little smartphone into a weapon against ignorance.

Now how to use this? Here are some suggestions:

- Print them on stickers and stick them on the anti-choice propaganda! (posters, dvd covers, pamphlets, you name it)

- Print out on buisness cards and pass them around NEXT to the anti-choicers.

- Leave them where they leave their propaganda. Counter them MOVE FOR MOVE!

Next post will contain a list of pro-choice sites and information to help counter the lies of the pro-life movement.

The truth isn't pretty, let's show them the ugly!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Putting Ray on the spot.

*NOTE: This is an open letter to Ray Comfort, asking for an explanation for the threats of litigation done by Living Waters Publications on his own blog Atheist Central.

Well then Ray,

I still await an explanation for the 2 threats of litigation done by the staff of Living Waters Publications done on facebook and youtube, more precisely in the "180 movie" review section after your claims that you "are not annoyed" with my mirroring of your anti-choice propaganda on Rutube.

As for youtube, it was a trailer that I had made in order to expose the "question" that people that allegedly made them from pro-choice to pro-life. That trailer, fell under fair use.

Perhaps you can tell us why you fail to respond to this? Where you even aware of such actions taken against me? Or do you plan to wait it out in hopes it goes away? Am I to assume that living waters is nothing more but a paper tiger?

There is only one problem Ray, two things;

1) Once it's on the internet, it's there forever (like a certain banana video).

2) There is no way you can gain any positive reactions from even your bethren on this one. You either pass for a hypocrite (for advocating free speech while threatening your opposition into silence), a liar (for denying any offense while your staff's actions say otherwise), or a coward (For not stepping up to the plate).

The ball is in your court Ray, and I intend to post a copy of this post on the WeareSMRT forums and my own blog "operation 360" complete with screenshot, thus proving that I have indeed submitted this.

The ball is in your court, banana man.

Have a nice day,


Sunday, September 18, 2011