Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This blog was created in reaction to the upcoming give-away of some anti-choice propaganda by evangelical misfit Ray Comfort.

In reaction, this blog will serve as a means to centralize rebuttals that can be easily accessed via mobile devices! Imagine, your cellphone/smartphone becomes a weapon against ignorance, mysogeny, and superstition!!


From the opposition: "We have 2,000 faithful workers who are chafing at the bit to get "180" into people's hands because it has such a powerful message. These are the same wonderful workers who volunteered their time to give away about 200,000 copies of Darwin’s boring book (with the Introduction that presented Intelligent Design and the Gospel), at one hundred of America's top universities. Atheists messed up that giveaway-date. We came a day early and sent them in a panic."

This was of course last year when they changed their date of distribution (Ray in reality got spooked. That's why he changed the date. He didn't expect the backlash).

So now they claim that the Atheist community won't know when they come.

The truth? It won't matter. With the "360 method" you have your tools with you at all times and with the QR CODE, one can share the information with students, co-workers, and even perfect strangers just like that.

So spread the word and come back often as more links and videos will be put up to expose and oppose the superstition-based claims of the evangelical movement.

EDIT: here is an example of the QR code being used on a business card.


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