Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's set the record straight ChristianNewswire!!

*Note: This is an Open letter to Audra Jennings in response to this article , showing where she is obviously sadly mistaken.

Dear Audra Jennings,

I have seen your article on Christian Newswire "Atheists Plan to Hack into New Holocaust Video", and I would like to point out that there are several innacuracies in it that needs to be rectified.

For one, we don't plan to. We already DID. Several weeks ago I might add.

Here's proof;

This is the youtube video I had released on Sept 2nd, revealing the so-called question that supposed to make a "180". Livings Waters publications, took offense to my spoiler and had youtube shut me down, regardless of a simple concept that you as a journalist must have heard of, called "fair use".

You can read more about the matter if you follow these URLS, which lead to my blog, "OPERATION 360". (Ray tries to save face on his own blog. Quite funny).

In retaliation to such disregard to freedom of speech, I sought to teach Mr.Comfort a dire lesson in not only respect, but also in the concept that he cannot intimidate his opposition with threats. I posted the FULL AND UNALTERED version of 180 to a Russian video sharing site (They are outside the jurisdiction of the United States).

Here it is;

This is the FULL 180 movie, which I posted up on Sept 7th 2011, several weeks before Ray Comfort released his own. We also posted links to it on twitter and facebook, on their own pages and trends, and got over 1600 hits. Still I guess Mr.Comfort and friends didn't want to save "babies" before the 26th, since they threatened me again;

Of course, I told the LWP employee to shove it where the sun won't be burning him, and called out Ray Comfort on this;

So there you have it Ms.Jennings, Those are the facts. 180 may be out but we knew about what it was, not due to a hack, but more to the sheer incompetence of Living Waters Publication Staff.

I thank you for your time.


P.S A copy of this letter will be posted on my blog and the link will be tweeted in the #180movie thread on twitter.


  1. Wait a second, you mean to say a Christian was not concerned with the facts and was only interested in lying for Jesus?

  2. I've been banned by Comfort & Miano!

    Can no longer post on their blogs it seems.

    How can I get round this state of affairs? Suspect it may have something to do with my ISP address??

    Regards, Bullhorn2tails

    1. It's easy. Use TOR.

      Have fun.

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