Sunday, September 25, 2011


Operation 360 REVISED.

Tommorow on the 26th Ray Comfort and his minions will be polluting 115 universities in the US with the antichoice propaganda movie "180".

The logical fallacies will flow like a river, and lies and misinformation will abound.

So I have produced here is a list of sites that will counter said misinformation. And to help you spread the word, I will give you again the QR CODES that will turn every little smartphone into a weapon against ignorance.

Now how to use this? Here are some suggestions:

- Print them on stickers and stick them on the anti-choice propaganda! (posters, dvd covers, pamphlets, you name it)

- Print out on buisness cards and pass them around NEXT to the anti-choicers.

- Leave them where they leave their propaganda. Counter them MOVE FOR MOVE!

Next post will contain a list of pro-choice sites and information to help counter the lies of the pro-life movement.

The truth isn't pretty, let's show them the ugly!!


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