Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Christians: Put your money where that big mouth of yours is!!

The evangelical movement is known to take a simple medical procedure and blow it out of proportion for a rather sinister agenda.

This agenda, is the control of women, and to relegate them to the role of brood-mare, makes them a second-class citizen. It is a form of slave-labor.

And here is the proof;

It's okay to terminate a pregnancy when...

When the health of the pregnant woman is in jeopardy, or, when there are medical complications that would lead to an unviable neo-nat or medical technology isn't sufficient to give a quality of life or that would improve a successful survival rate.

Here are some examples of medical complications

Ectocopic pregnancies
Placental abruption
Harlequin-type ichthyosis
Spina bifida
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

And these are but a few. The good news is, as better medical technology is brought forward, the need for abortion in these cases decreases. Just like we no longer need to use leeches to draw blood or lock up people with leprosy in communes, we could make abortion a lesser occurrence with proper technologies and preventives (contraceptions, getting tubes tied or vasectomies).

Do you see the evangelical movement rushing to push and invest funds in such technologies? No. You will see them waste money in campaigns and videos that, while decrying the practice of abortion, do nothing except try to shame women and brings society back to the bronze age.

You will see the evangelical movement waste time at pickets, rather than volunteer in hospitals. You will see them do everything to boast that their way is the right way, while the results speak for themselves.

If the evangelical movement did put it's money where it's big mouth was, we would have cured cancer by now.

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