Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why "180" is doomed to failure?

In his need to push the evangelical ideology, Ray Comfort, being the propagandist that he is, failed to see the mistakes in his latest venture.

1. He uses a logical fallacy: Reductio Ad Hitlerium!!

Reductio Ad Hilterium, also known as "playing the Nazi card", is basically comparing something one would deem horrible to the holocaust or anything that related to the Nazi party in WWII or Hitler himself (hence it's name).

With it, Ray thinks he can play mind-games and "convince" people that abortion is horrible, not because of logic, but more on playing with the fear that people don't want to be compared to Nazis.

Of course, most educated people are familiar with Godwin's Law and won't fall for something so transparent.

2. He thinks that Colleges and Universities haven't learned from his last stunt.

When he came out with the "Origins In Schools". People were outraged. And the backlash forced Ray to do his release early. While he thinks that it was some kind of "victory", he failed to realize that some people learn from their mistakes.

As the old saying goes; burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me!!

After this stunt, many of us started asking questions. Questions like;

- "How did he manage to make a whole group of people turn on a dime like that?"
- "How is it managed?"
- "What kind of training is involved?"
- "What technology is used?"

This lead many of us to seek out the answers. To the point that we know how many Ambassadors Alliance members there are, What is the actual salary of Ray Comfort (via his 990 forms issued by the IRS) and other assets and locations.

We even know the contents of the School of Biblical evangelism. And from there, we kept people informed about Ray's tactics, methods and resources.

All the information was obtained through legal means. You can find out more at this forum.

That being said...

3. We knew about "180" ahead of time.

Ray tried to keep the 180 video give-away hush-hush from his opposition, trying to avoid the kind of backlash that made him flinch during "Origins In Schools".

The problem with Living Waters Publications, is that they are extremely incompetent when it comes to security online. In fact LWP could be used as a classic example as to WHY you need to hire people who have a background in IT security if you're planning to deploy in the cloud.

Here's what we found: (check out the project .75 link, it's an early "prototype" of 180)

This enabled us to obtain a copy of 180. The password to the vimeo video wasn't even cracked. It was guessed (it was the name of the site). And it was only changed AFTER the fact they were aware of us acquiring the video.

The bottom line, Knowing all of this, would you allow yourself to be associated with such incompetence? This project of his, is doomed to fail.

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